Days go and nights come,

The cosmos keeps revolving,

And God is with me.


Worries plagued me ere,

I formed a bond with my God,

The Lord of all worlds.


Now I am calm, cool,

No grieving over the past,

No fear of future.


For my Maker's love,

Is boundless and overwhelming,

I am His, He mine.


I find Him near me,

When awake or when asleep,

He is always near.


He is mine always,

And mine will be He -- always,

In this world, the next.


Let my adoration,

Increase His fondness for me,

I need nothing more.


As long He is mine,

Why should there be distractions?

He is Most Loving.


This world or the next,

Everything will be just lovely,

In His company.


The universe knows,

Silently does the sun move,

Followed by the moon.


All in the cosmos,

Is aware of my love,

My life is His now.


Happy is my heart,

At peace is my whole being,

For I am His now.


Worldy tempations,

The man-made gliterrati,

Mean nothing to me.


His Love is my Light,

My adoration is worship,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem depicting my love for my Lord God, the King of the Universe, who is Most Forgiving, Most Clement and Most Loving. No other love matters to me anymore.

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shazi's picture

Beautifully written

Dear friend your poem reflects your Love for Our Lord Almighty Allah. It flows with the momentum of your humility & submission to Him. Well done 

P.S By the way you have for the first time ever made a mistake Verse 11 line 2, must be a clerical mistake. 

Take care Shazi

emmenay's picture


Thanks for the correction my dear friend. The mistake was inadvertent.

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed.

Pen name:Emmenay.

Yahoo email ID:Ambitious7

Initials: M.N. Ahmed.

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I'm still working on that relationship. Been so attached to my fears. The mind is the devils playground they say. So try as I may to use my mind in a more loving way. I refer to God as the Universe or Great Mystery. Doing my best to give all my trust... 

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