Life, death, destiny,

Present, past and all future,

All are pre-ordained.


Nothing is by chance,

Nothing is just to happen,

In the divine plan.


I adore my Lord God,

Who has sent me to this earth,

He knows my purpose.


All I have to do,

Is realize His greatness,

His Omnipotence.


His is the bright light,

Which illumines my being,

His love has no bounds.


He is always there,

Within me and outside me,

I am not alone.


In full reverence,

I acknowledge His Being,

In my heart He dwells.


Why pine for Heaven?

Why fear the huge flames of Hell?

When my God is mine.


I am His here too,

Will be His after death too,

He's my hereafter.


My Lord God's glory,

Only those few can fathom,

Who give all to Him.


My life and my stay,

Is for the time fixed by Him,

Then to Him I go.


And my sefless love,

Is a blessing which He chose,

To confer on me.


Men have forgotten,

The Lord God, One, Only,

And the show is on...


That day is not far,

When all that's here will decay,

Save His Countenance.


O, ask of me not,

How to count His all favours,

Isn't His Love enough?


His Love is shining,

Resplendant with His mercy,

He is the One Truth,


My love for my God,

Has no need for human loves,

I am now my God's.


In the silent night,

Awake, working or sleeping,

I don't forget Him.


So, with this fact known,

I shall cry no more or weep,

Or demand for more.


He has given peace,

To my aching heart and mind,

He's my everything.


Glorious is my God,

His Love and Mercy immense,




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Glory to my Lord God Allah, the One, the Only, the most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, the Most Loving.

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First Sufi poet of English

Brilliant. Full of depth & makes one envious of your relationship with your Creator. 

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Thanks a lot my dear friend. May Allah Almighty bless you.

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed.

Pen name:Emmenay.

Yahoo email ID:Ambitious7

Initials: M.N. Ahmed.