A Piece of the Puzzle


1. You were a piece of the puzzle that I never had to place

2. You just fit into every crevice of my life like cement, fixing the cracks and broken bits, mending me with your words

3. Your words made me feel whole again. Like it wasn't so bad that I had ears that stuck out or a quick temper. Like I was loved.

4. Love was a word you never uttered. Not out loud, not to me. Not even when my world was falling apart.

5. When we finally fell apart. No not fell, crumbled, and not apart because we were never really together were we? At least not to you.

6. You were what I wanted in life because 

7. You never seemed like you had to try, but trying was all you did.

7. But trying was all you did

7. But trying was all you did.


8. Did you try to love me?

9. Did you want to love me? 

10. Did you love me.


11. I couldn't make you love me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ok so I feel this should be a spoken word poem but I am yet to be brave and/or crazy enough to make a youtube and post it so here it is. Feel free to read it out loud as dramatically as possible because thats what it should be. Dramatic. Hopefully you enjoyed reading and feel free to let me know how you felt about the poem and give as much advice/criticism as you like. Thanks for reading! 

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