A Twentieth Century Girl is out of luck

My parents think you perfect,

I am not so sure

for though you seem majestic,

your intentions are not pure.


You claim you love me,

you act the perfect gent,

until the day I say I do 

and you take me for every cent. 


Though all I own is yours 'my love',

we share it you and I, 

through the looking glass I see

that glimmer in your eye,


when moneys thrust upon you,

like water on a duck.

I'd hoped for someone loving

but it seems I'm out of luck. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hate how women were forced into marriages because a suitor was deemed worthy by their parents when some were infact horrible to their wifes and in it simply for financial gain. Oh and sorry for the duck similie it just fit with the rhyming seems a bit out of place but hopefully not. Anyway enjoy reading! 

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