To Life


Heres to never letting go.

Heres to never giving up.

Heres to second chances,

and second guessing.

Heres to hoping that one day things will be different.


Heres to taking chances, 

taking risks 

and taking a different path. 


Heres to being wild

Being free,

Never growing up.


Heres to happiness,




Heres to this beautiful life.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just feeling good about life when I wrote this. Enjoy! 

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Mic_M_L_Silverline's picture

I like your style. It is easy

I like your style. It is easy on the mind, yet in its simplicity of manner you've managed to draw out meanings. It reminds me of the style of Karl Krolow, just much more coherent.

Do you remember why we're here?

EmmaMegRobertson's picture

Thank you! I wanted to keep

Thank you! I wanted to keep my poems simplistic because to be honest I've not got a great way with words so thank you for noticing!