My Tunnel

On Trips

It's not the Lincoln or the Rolland

Nor the midtown or the battery

Nor between First and Bedford

Not between Clark and Wall

Or Bowling Green and Borough Hall

My tunnel is longer than those all

My tunnel carries my hopes, my dreams

My mistakes, my misfortunes

My aspirations and inspirations

as well as my trials and tribulations

Side by side

Filed in 2 lanes

Doing 35 to keep these dreams alive

As I reach the light at the end of the tunnel, what will lay ahead?

Another road or an end that is dead?

Exit only or merge ahead?

Or just an offramp with the traffic light at red?

As I watch the lights go by as I hold my head high

Ready to tap the brakes to give you just enough space

God knows that I'll get out of it someday

But for now, this is where I am today

As I drive this not so lonesome road

Yea, this is my tunnel

Let's see what happens when I reach the end

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