God's Clock

There are times I find it hard to go on. Who doesn’t? These times are special, however, and not moments filled with sorrow. Time slows down. Our reality shifts in directions unknown. In these moments a precious opportunity is offered us, the opportunity to see the adhesive that holds all moments together. You may have never noticed this proverbial glue, not for lack of effort, but because life moves at speeds that are not conducive towards the acquiring of this knowledge. In between these moments exists dimensions of time and space that calculate your every breath, and every thought that flows through the minds of all. This force guides all who remain blind to its presence, but acts as a well of nectar for those who stop and notice. Open your hearts and minds to the presence of that which lies beyond the senses. The veil of this world is sewn together by your senses in order for you to experience yourself.

Time, slow down for me now
Wait for me to catch up with you
Then who? To you I bow.

Rich with your whirlwinds
You take me away forever
Endeavor? Please wash my sins.

In your endless splendor
Wrap me in arms of that unseen
Clean? Only at my core.

Reflections parallel
Your visage is matter itself
Health? In my heart you dwell.

Question my second lines
Contemplate the facts in the first
What’s worse? Eyes that are blind.