A dream of faith


This new girl entered my class room and sat down next to me

I said hello and we instantly clicked

She would sit with me at lunch everyday

She would wait until after school to hug me goodbye


I liked her a lot and I never let anything hurt her

I was always making sure she was safe

Then one day a new kid showed up in class

And I felt like instantly I had been replaced


We weren't boyfriend and girlfriend officially

But it felt that way with our history

I started seeing her less and less

Because she would be with him


I waited after school but she never showed

My heart dropped and I felt very upset

So I said to myself I'll never give up


The next day I waited and I saw her with him

I walked up to her and said 

Are you mad at me, do u not want to be my friend

She said it was complicated and she was confused


So I walked away with my head down

And as I was getting ready to cross the street

She yelled my name


I stopped ran up to her

We both glazed into each others eyes

She said I want to be with you

And held on to me for quite a awhile


The next day she sat next to me at lunch 

And layed her head on my shoulder 

I put my arm around her waste 

And she leaned over to kiss me

I leaned in to kiss her


Our lips touched and right away we were both seeing stars

She looked at me and said see you after school

So I waited for her and we walked to the park 

There he was the new boy and he looked at me 


She explained that was her ex boyfriend 

And he has been the jealous type

I told her I'm not worried because she is mine


The new kid didnt like that 

And he would try to start fights

Then one day he attacked her with a knife

He cut her arm and her face


I was there to save her 

I kicked punched and took him down

There she layed making no sound


I picked her up looked into her eyes

Before I could say I love you

He stabbed me in my side


The blood poured like a fountain

He ran away

If I knew she would only see me one last time

I might of kissed her goodbye


But I didn't someone called for help

They took me in the ambulance 

She stayed by my side

She said she would help me recover

Just like I kept her safe


I looked into her eyes and said those unspoken words


I love you

She smiled and she cried

No more fear in her eyes

I knew from that day

She would be my bride


So we got married and everything is still great

You just experienced

A dream of faith

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after having a dream, except I wasn't in the dream it was just from what I seen. Wow

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wow what an incredible

wow what an incredible story.... i absolutely loved it..... may have cried x).... terrific job!!!

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Thank you

Thank you