'imagine a world when question get asked actually have an answer
imagine when kids go to school and actually get an education and not treated like fools
imagine the bullying just being stopped in a second
imagine if it wasn't a hard core lesson
imagine if teachers didn't have sex with the kids
imagine if the educational systems actually helped make a living
imagine if cell phones and tv didn;t exist
imagine if they learned from books and not on the internet
imagin if this world was just so plain
imagine if everyone treated this world like a game
just imagine the world in so many different ways
imagine what the world would be like if we except the gays
imagine if wars don't really exist
imagine if relgion just becomes ignorence
imagine the systems that get thrown out days by days
imagine if kids grew up the same way

Imagine it's the way we like to live our life
imagine if you could stabbing someone with a knife

when you get angry dont throw yourself a pitty
jus turn this song up high and think about the nitty gritty

imagine living pay check to pay check and supporting yourself
mimuim wage and the shit don't even help

imagine if gas prices took a toll and dropped
imagine if these government policies and lies just stopped
imagine if this world was the way we were raised
imagine and kids still said thank you and please
imagine if you ended up in the same game no competition
we all had the same fame

this is the world that we live in
this is the things we deal with day by day
just imagine it throw your hands up and say

this is the way that is has to be
this is wrong with the economy
this is why we stand up to the truth
this is why we have nothing left to lose

imagine if you went to school and didn;t get picked on
imagine if you were superman living on kripton
imagine how hard it is to face it every day
teenage pregnacy is increasing day by day
imagine how hard it is for a single women growing up with a child and the father just split
it's sad but that is just the way it has to be
Imagine if these question had answers 1-2-3

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this just wondering what if would be like...Imagine

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