"Toxic Shock"

The Habitat-Rap

All right listen up!

All my life i was kept in a shell

but tonight i am coming out to shock

the € system break it down

Motivation sets you up controls your mind

you lose yourself being told it's a waste of time

i will never forget the truth

open up a can full of ramen noodles

living pay check to pay check people on the streets

won't give me respect,

i'm lost for words left nowhere to go

so now i take this motivation and create

the power to show up drop beats became a teacher

battle and fight to speak

i got one mic a piece of paper

im ready to write

give me a pen and watch me draw up the hype

Suffication as your approach the stage

fans in the crowd dont even know your name

this is your only chance to get famous

i get on the microphone show the world i can be well known

You don;t know me and i could careless

you put a mic in my hand i'll get your respect

with my verbal vocabulary

i can make my words define into mercy

confused well you should be i am lethal mc

born and raised to freestyle and create a velocity

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frozteesback's picture

Not bad man, kinda has a 'Lose Yourself' vibe to it.
I think if you clean up the end of the first verse a little bit you will have a dope track. Keep it up, you got some skills.