"Syc Rap

The Habitat-Rap

You better keep your distance before i spit this

keep talking shit i'll put you in submission

keep bitching the rope is tied around your legs so keep kicking

Mike calling me a hype how about i strangle you

with my microphone cord

then pull it it tight

don't try to fight back i got a fist full of thumb tacks

watch the blood flow from your face

you want to try to exploit me on youtube infront of the world

i'll make a video starring me and your girl

So you say i have no friends

well then watch for my boys to show up

with baseball bats chains and rusty razor blades

when we are done with you dump a gallon of lemonade on your infected wounds

Yeah I am crazy and I'm sick

you fuck with Shelshocka i'll make you my bitch

I own you mutha fucker you can't escape from me

I'm inside your head psychologically it;'s do or die

only way to escape is suicide

So battle me on youtube I dare you

I own the internet so you can't sue

Lyrically my rhymes are an STD

I am an untreatable disese

So your twisting my words in circles

making fun of me calling me steve urkel

Did i do that? Oh can you hear the sound of your neck go crack

as your brain starts to die you slowley become retarted

one more blow to your head we will have to hear dearly departed

Haha Mike your dead but dont sleep too tight

now do you think i am just a hype MMMPH

here let me just untie this wire around your neck

now that you heard my story all i want from you is your respect!

Oh and now you say you can get a record with interscope

I can get real famous just by slitting your throat

your blood spills as fast as i kill in rhymes verbally

there is no mercy just death

face it mike you got nothing left

now take one last breath

and say hello to death MMPH (Slams Trunk)

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frozteesback's picture

Not bad man, need to tighten up a couple bars to actually make them rhyme but shit was pretty good. Reminds me of Twiztid or somethin. Fuck Mike anyways (everyone named mike is a douche)