"Tomorrow is not your day

So tomorrow is not your day

And tomorrow doesn't look good either

Your spitting images of your pathetic self

Who the hell would want to meet you

And the girl who broke up with you I spreading lies

About how you sit in your empty room memorizing pathetic lines


Just Go!! Aghhhh

Leave it all behind

I'd rather see you happy

Then watch you fucking cry

The relationships over get it through your head

I'd rather see you breathing then being fucking dead

So she manages to steal your heart right out of your chest

Cut it up with razor blades until she confessed confessed!!

And now your sleeping in an empty room

No music to keep you sane

The gun is on the floor right where you use to lay

Why did you, Why did you, Why did you?

That's enough It may be tough to get rid of all her stuff

You need to forget her

Wipe her pictures out of your mind

Erase her from your memory

She is nothing but the past of a forgotten history

So we all have our heart broken with unbelievable lies

It's all right to feel sad but you don't need to die

Ripped from my mind forget her!!

Running out of time don't miss her

Wasting tasting hard to face she is gone

Gone your far from death.

So today things have changed in the perfect way..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

And old writing from 2003

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Joey Pasillas's picture

i love how things changed in the perfect way after tomorrow is not your day. its brilliant! MAD PROPS!