Blinded By Love

Blinded Love

Written By Elliot Bush

i try to take you out

but this feeling is so confused

i wanted to make it work

what else do i have to lose

i try figure out that

you were meant for me

i try to understand

why did he make u hard to see

my eyes are closed

i' was blinded at  birth

i know the name love

but can't deal with this hurt

it was hard to make believe

that you were there for me

so i can only feel you

but i can't see anything

i know that your beautiful

and you do mean alot to me

this is my blind love

it gets us so far

this is my blind love

it doesn't matter at all

i may not be able to see your smile

but i can feel your skin

as you hold my hand

so i was blinded at birth

and giving a chance to love

no more hurt

my eyes are closed shut

i know that your here

i only wish i could see

just how beautiful you are

so i close my eyes

and release my tears

he lifts me up

i'm gone for a moment

and when i return i see your beautful face

i had my chance to see my blind love

and now i can't see but you beautiful to me

beautiful to me

beautiful to me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote this just now on my break at work, had an image of not being able to see the one you love ...

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Essence Scott's picture

i think i can relate to a few lines here....but it was immediately entrancing though...i liked it, even if it did take me sometime to read it....but its saddening, when you think about it, isn't it?...not being able to see the one you love hurts a lot....but so is being dumped, and thats leaving the topic so i wont delve into that...point is, i like it so very very much....