The Mintute They Met

The minute I met you
Written By Elliot Bush
December 5th 2007 7:58pm

You opened the door
with your beautiful smile
you introduced me to
your baby child

we sit down and we talked
about the things we want in life
we sit and we watched family guy

I kissed you
oh how i kissed you

this once lost soul a little boy
who needed allot of joy
his tears dried his life was set
this boy won't forget the day they met

with a beautiful smile
and your long hair
just one kiss on your lips
leaving me staring out there

well so this little boy
once was a little boy
Trying to get so far
even though it sounds so cold
now his hand is on your face hey your face

just one kiss on your lips
 just one kiss on your lips

just one kiss on your lips

i want to make you mine (ALL MINE)

so won't you hold me tonight
I wanna make you mine oh how i wanna make you mine
please won't you hold me tonight

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poetry for the lovers soul.

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Kai Rentz's picture

hey man, this caught my eye because my girlfriend's name is Lissa. good luck with her man.

Ken Murdock's picture

I hope she gets to see this. It really has a lot of you in it; I can tell.

Tony Whitaker's picture

Nice lyrical quality to this heartfelt write. An evocative emotional tome.

Sela Stephens's picture

I think this very beautiful, very honest.GREAT job.