Why 18 (Tale of a lost love)

You said that you liked me and I liked you to

I said i'll see ya tomarrow and you said you too.

I enter my gym class looking for you

after class thats when I saw your pretty face and happy smile.I was going to ask you out but then you said..I can't date you because your 18 my mom wouldn't like it I am so sorry. I said thats ok we can still be friends I gave her a hug and then she left. I entered outside with my friends waiting for me..I told my best friend what had happen to me she said if you need to cry on my shoulder I am here i'm a little short so you have to bare.

So I gave her a hug and I held back my tears.

Now I am at home drinking ice tea and writing what has happen to me....Why do I have to be 18 I ask myself why.

...i wish i was younger..Just so i could date her.............  Lost Love story


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Lost love

�� Elliot, 5/30/2002

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well put together.