All Alone (Real Suicide Note From Melissa Sandra)


I hate it

I want it all to go away

But the things that they say

Hurt me inside

I'm angry

And flustered

I want to move away

But there making me stay

Just go the hell away


I can't take it anymore

The tears on my cheek

The pain inside

Is killing me

Why can't they just let it go

It wasn't really a big deal

So let me know

What it all means

When I sit there watching

You give that lecture to me

Same old, same old

Heard it all before

Yelled at me before

You've seen me cry before

And you've done it again


Why can't you just leave me alone

This house is nothing like a home

How does it feel to be the boss of me

Tell me what it all means

I'm Free My soul is at ease

I am home for real.

I'm sorry

Love your Daughter Melissa Sandra

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My friend killed herself and she wrote this poem before she did. You will always be in my heart Melissa Sandra

�� Elliot, 04/20/2002

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Essence Scott's picture

not to belittle anything...but i sometimes feel the same way...for the record, i have never written a suicide note....i would write my will...that was when everything turned for the worse....