Don't ever breakdown

I won't be the last to know the situation is wrong

I won't fight no dirty war should of knew it was him all along

I won't the speak the truth about something i can't stand

I won't let him win this fight I’d rather die trying and being a man

Sometimes it's the small things

That you can't stand

Sometimes they’re not in your power

But yet you are the one who's damned

Sometimes the voices talk to me

Instead of you

Sometimes we just need to stick together

Just like glue,

I won't break down

I’ll turn it around uplift the violence and save this now

I won't break down jump up and get down

Spin the bottle and save this now

I won't breakdown

I won't I won't i won't

Breakdown clears your eyes so you can see

That this is the change you agreed to

Wipe the tears from your eyes

From the dirt in the air that makes you cry,

I won't breakdown

I won't break down

I won't i won't

I won't be the last to know

My darkest enemy is coming clean

Staring me inside my mind

Telling me the things i need to do just to survive

In my eyes i can't and i won't breakdown

I’ll flip the switch and make it all disappear

Never been gone for years

I won't i won't breakdown

Untie the knot and let the starving victims free

Silently my mind escapes into the morcible solitude

Your only option is to change

Battle the beast or sit down shut your eyes

And watch us lose our lives

So don't ever break down

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it's amazing millions of americans breakdown everyday about something..

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Good poem

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thanks for all of your support
it has been really helpful to me.
i still miss him <3


i love this one