Made a Mistake (MUST READ)

Can we find out what it's like,

when it's too late

you only want to run and hide

from your mistakes

thinking it's too late

The fire burns in her heart

never thought  they would

drift apart

So I say what I know

but it was too late

I was punished by my fate

God said son just let her go

on her own

if it was meant to be

then she will come back

into your arms

And now these times

are just memories

long story's short

too many I'm sorry's

Not enough love

to hold it


I think I've learned from my mistakes

The day I let her slip away

Away away away Away!!!

Yes i know it was for the best

Today I found out

I passed the test

of God's Will.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this today at work, It amazed me.

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i read this...duh...but im sure if im understanding....what are you saying