A Letter From a Daughter in College To Her Mother At Home

I don't have many friends

All those sad times i spent in my room alone

I have no feelings in my eyes

I'm just another problem for you to figure out

Oh mother can't you see my whole life has changed

It was a question you couldn't answer

You gave me all your support watching tv

Mother you can't ignore me even if i am gone

I am the problem to your sanity you say

When i come to visit you

there is broken glass on the kitchen floor

and the garbage is in the hall

How am I your problem when i am never there

I guess it;s something i will never know

I read your letter you said your following the line to the edge

Taken a deep breathe and your trying not to leave

You been going through this time after time

I guess it is time to ignore me

let me come home to your death

i'll clean up the broken glass and the garbage that left a mess

Mother don't give up all these problems you have

Mother why can't you just get help

I have to stay year and continue my studies

It will be ok

I Love you Mom

Signed your Daughter


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Amazed so am I. This is A true story and they are now happy as ever, She misssed her daughter so much, But now she graduated from College and are back in eachother arms

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Excellent poem, very emotional and powerful.