A Father's Confession To His Son (new)


Little boy I think it's time for you to grow up with me

Little boy i know i tried to teach you everything

You want to be with me and talk to me

you seem to be so confused

there somethings you don't know about your daddy

Little boy I don't want you to grow up like me

Abusing your wife and making her cry

losing your job and just walking away

I don't want you to grow up

disrespecting everything and everyone

Sooner or later it will be your call

as your up on the stand looking overall

do you really want to live in my kind of life

wouldn't you rather be with your mommy

she can teach you more then i can

Son I am your father

I drank to much

I became an alcholic

this is why i am sick

It's all my fault were are not a family

It's all because drugs and booze made me this way

Son don't grow up like please

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Wow, amazing piece.