Saying Good Bye To Micheal Ward (RIP)

Saying Good Bye To Micheal Ward

Somewhere up in the sky

we say goodbye to a special friend Micheal

I met micheal in my multi media class

that i attended at The Banana Factory

He would always wave and smile and say Hi

and he always gave everyone a great big bear hug

I would see Micheal during and after my class

Then one friday Micheal hugged me

not knowing it was going to be the last

I still said hey man have a good weekend and goodbye

Micheal wasn't able to hear but he still knew what i said

He signed you too

Now i sit here in shock and remember

His Spirit and Shadow shall always be with us Forever

God Bless You and Rest In Peace

Micheal Ward..


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fighter4life's picture

I'm sorry for your loss, what a wonderful poem you wrote about him.