Junk Pile

she is a good girl all the guys want

always wanted to sit with her at lunch

well then one day something started to change

a solo strumming on my guitar creating her new name

She emily the rockin girl

she stole my guitar

her mission to take over the world

Her belly button is peirced with a spike

She will rock your wold day and night

She's emily the rocking girl

Stealing the music

Her mission to take over the world

Lets all say We want be with emily

The rocking Girl

Emily come take my world

Now i am poor she is rocking with my guitar

She brags in her songs how i like tried to bring her down

It';s not true it's all lies  she has my guitar i cant say goodbye

Emily the rocking girl

her mission to take over the world

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*~Angie~*'s picture

I REALLY like this poem Elliot :) I'm guessing they're lyrics to a song, but I'm not sure. Anything is possible with you :p One tiny detail that I didn't quite understand....that "I" that seems to be all by itself with no real connection to anything. Or is that some divider between lines?? Other than that, I likey :)