Misery Mystery and Bliss

Junk Pile

Here is the story that i like to tell

about a relationship that went straight to hell

a boy not knowing just what to do was so inside

if he only knew the world was about to change

he wouldn't of stayed in the same damn place

So now you lie in bed thinking about your past

looking at the mirror straining from breaking the glass

arms cut up from cuts that tell your story

Can't do anything because you say your life is boring

Someone help me find my place

Written loser on my face

I need support is that to much to ask

I need to move along

it's changing so fast

And from the night i stood alone

I set myself in mystery (mystery)

My misery is only the key to happiness

Let me save myself from this Blasemy

Someone please just help me see breathe

I'm cold in ice and nothing left it's so cold i can see my breathe Please just let me be alone in my conteptious blis of Misery Please come save me from my Poweless Strain called Life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hey feel it from the real deal from the vertues from the reality i seen it it's sick help save our kids

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Billy Collins's picture

Hey Elliot This poem is very good It was nice seeing you at The poetry Fest hope to see ya next year

good luck

Billy Collins Poet Luarette