Brain Washed On Reality

Junk Pile

Brainwashed on tv

stupid little cunts stop looking at me

stealing my intrest

your tv and lies are making me pissed

and the children are the same

Relaity Tv Shows that blow

Wanna be rap stars not working hard

Pop Band relaity shows thats suck

Making the band it's all shit shit shit

suck on this

I'm sick of waking up and watching Maury

My teenage daughter is dressing to sexy

Bitch Bitch Bitch

bite on this

My Child is only 5 and he is out of control

Your the fucking parent

thats why your son is out of control

I'm sick of watching Who wants to Date a man

Or who is the hottest women in the world and American idol

It's all shit shit shit

Brianwashed on tv

Now i want to be on Muarry

I want to be a gansta disrespect and yell

I'm sick of Shit shit shit

Your stupid wanna be pop singers

Throw your fucking hands up

Thats my finger Bitch.

I'm tired of watching Reality tv shows

I'm sick of seeing a new show every 5 min

When is society going to relize it sucks and quit it

We don't need no Fake Tv

Bite on this

It's all Shit Shit Shit

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am sick of Being brain washed from stupid shows that suck

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I share the same feelings and agree to your claims!