E bomb V.S D Blaze

The Habitat-Rap

now spit!!!!

I'm about to Hypanate your face/Inlarge your rhymes so i can read what your about to spit/leave these verses in your brain dead/i'll destroy you with 32 gun shots to your chest/throw you in a pool/

wearing your momas dress

i'll use your skull as a ash tray/

and let me buddy paul fuck you/

because he is a gay necropilac/

then again maybe he will fuck you in the mouth to get rid of the annyoing plaque/Your useless/

you should be banned from using a mic/

I'll electricute you and make u look like don king/

I'm tyson bitch and your the queen/

I'll rip your ear off and feed it to you/

make you choke to death/then i'll beat you/

I'll hit you harder then a terriorist/

When you Die you wont be missed/

Unless i fail at my pscyhological game/your dismissed/

My main mission is to make you crazy and psycotic/

My Violent ways they say will give you anger and pain

in your brain causing you to go insane and forget your name/ D blaZe there i have to remind you/I'm sorry but you should take lotto's advice/(Oh no not 8 mile again)

go home and commit suicide to me/I'm your fucking god

Your nothing but a pussy/(Worship me)yourSuffering from Nystagmus an eye disease that causing your vison to go by by just lik this BOOOM!!!/Yo Blaze i told you/You should wear glasses or eye protective wear before your about give head make sure you pull back the hair(oh no he said Blow Job/Fucking Rap Freestyle spit call it what you will/I'm done with this nigga

Now who the fuck can bring a better challenge?

I'm ready chill

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