Lonely Teenage Life

Junk Pile

i get so lonely i sometimes even get scared

my life is confusing

i need a friend to be there

i dont know how to think with my life like this.

i think i'm losing but inside it's all a test

i can make it though my lonely life

I'm running from nothing

my thoughts and my mind are wishing

for someone to help me

something that i am not and i dont think i can be

this is my lonly teenage life

i could get though but dont know if i can  see

people are behind me but i just can't get though

all this pain and and torture leave me feeling blue

cause that is a lonly teenage life

all the thoughts that you gave me

made me want someone or something so bad

i just don't think you believe me

you make me feel like someone then a teenager

as i look into the mirror

i see a lonely teenager that has no one

for any one that could

why can't you just understand

  you left me here all a lone with no one for me

with you and have you in my arms

i'm just a teenager and this is my broken

teenage life ever since you left

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written with Elliot Bush and Samantha Hillig

9/19 10:30pm 2003

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Nancy Mata's picture

very good...

Samantha Hillig's picture

hey babe this poem we wrote together rocks i like it a lot even though we r really not that lonely any more but i mean it i like it will i will talk to you l8er love ya