She Is

She is

Written by Elliot Bush

1:15 AM March 27th 2019

She is the sun behind the clouds,

She is the air you breathe,

She is the sound in the crowd,

She is the leaves on the trees,

She is the light that brightens your day,

She is that feeling you never want to go away,

She is the ocean that continues to grow.

She is the one,

that puts that smile on your face,

She is the one,

Who makes you feel completely safe,

She is the one who holds you when you cry,

She is on the one who pushes you to try,

She is the one,

she is the one,

she is the one.

She knows who she is,

She knows why,

She knows the sounds,

She knows your by her side,

She knows you think about her every day,

She knows how to put that smile on your face.

She knows who she is and she knows why

Her name begins with a T and ends in a Y

She knows, she knows....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Tierney D L

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