the good mess

i watched as he soaped the cloth and ran it over my neck

i gasped as he circled my breast and firmly grabbed my nipples through the cloth

he slid down my belly and i giggled as he gave my navel a quick in and out

he eased the cloth between my legs and i stopped giggling

as he slowly moved the cloth around my womanhood

i dipped down a little futher into the tub

to give him better access

this made him smile

to my disappointment he moved on to my legs and feet washing swiftly

he motioned for me to turn around

and i sighed as he began to wash my back

he ran the cloth across my back

and then pushed the cloth in between my cheeks

i tightened up at first and he laughed

he gently pushed in and out of my cheeks

i started to relax and feel the pleasure he was giving me

my body was hot and ready

and he knew it

he turned me around

spread my legs

and entered me as i moaned into his mouth

i was already on fire and could not wait for him

i held on tight as pleasure rocked my body

splashing water over the side of the tub

moaning his name

he held on as long as he could

then he joined me

squeezing my cheeks and plunging himself

deeper inside me

we lay there spent


water everywhere


but not really caring.....

whose gonna clean up this mess?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

taking a bath never felt sooooo good

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Excellent Read,
Excellent Write,

Truly an excellent piece.