The Biggest Fraud

The Biggest Fraud©

That’s me.

Don’t let this smile fool you.

Somebody needs to hand me an Oscar® or Tony®.

The award for best actress goes to. . .

The real me?

I feel broken.

A level of tired I can’t convey.

(Which says a lot as I’m a mistress of words)

Hollowed out and dragging.

Watching myself—as if disembodied—sludging through each moment

(It’s almost like being half in a coma)

Overwhelmed by life and what lies outside the safety of my cocoon,

Terrified of what is beyond the 4 walls that create the solace that is my room.

The minute I hit that door

The tears start to flow and pour.

Then I get to where I’m going—

Time to pretend it’s all okay.

Slap on the humor, the wit and “the floss”

Along with the powder, blush and gloss.

Face in place, mask in tact

Ready to fake and front my way through another day.

~Kyla Bingham / August 29, 2006

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Was/am having a particular hard time as I dashed this off this morning (08/29/2006). M.S. kicking my butt and not feeling like me. Since I haven't posted anything in well over a year, I thought I'd preserve this one on my page.

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