They Came to the New World

I'm tired of this life

I am tired of this strife

I just want to be free

From all this American way bullshit before me

I want to live in the forest

With my love and my children

With no rules or worry

only us and nature

To grow food from the land

And share our spirit with the mother

what has happened to this world

where you have depend on food stamps to eat

what happen to family

Men beating and cheating on women

and Women only wanting gifts and money from men

What happened to honor and respect and love

Is this what was brought to the New World

If this is called progress then I regress

Here take your diseases and filth and leave

The Natives were fine until you came here with greed

Now this is not about racism or rhyme

It is basically the truth,ahhh remember that this time

For the truth hasn't been told for many a year

That also came with the New World,so please leave

Our people will join together one day

And teach about what's important

Our Mother and Our Way

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