A Sailor's Tale

Ahoy there matey

Please share me your rum

I'll tell you a story

Of Midnight and Blum

Midnight, the greatest ship on the sea

Blum was the Master, the best may be he

Sailing to England, for spices and gold

As he hit a nor'easter, the tale will unfold

Seems Blum and his crew were tossed all around

A sea full of madness, most men had drowned

The sails were all shredded, the mast, it was gone

Blum and his small crew would never see home

As the waves calmed down, the fog lifted, you see

Blum had no idea of where they may be

Well, weeks went by, they died one by one

Only the Master was left, he be all alone

Supplies had all perished, no drink found at hand

Blum knew he was finished, so he formed a plan

He gathered up bodies, fed them to the sea

Just Blum and his Midnight, together they be

He died that night, a smile on his face

That ship, never found, not nary a trace

Legends may go, as well as may come

But Midnight and Blum, forever sail on

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As an ex-sailor, I enjoy writing about the sea!

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