The American Dream

I once took an oath to defend my country

Against enemies domestic and foreign

That oath must have been politically incorrect

Now, they just let our enemies pour in

I remember the term, "In God We Trust"

They want to take that away

He is already shunned from our "Pledge of Allegiance"

What would our dead ancestors say

Average Americans can not afford to live

With increasing taxes each year

With fuel, electric and rents on the rise

Average "Joes" living is meager

Slowly, we appear to be losing our rights

As Government keeps whittling away

No guns, no speech, as "Big Brother" watches

What would our dead veterans say

Yes, I took an oath to defend my country

A veteran with pen in hand

Now, I defend, by writing these words

Again, I am taking a stand

Wake up America, time is near

You will lose it all by Government scheme

The American dream is suddenly becoming

Only a dream

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Listen up people. This is true!!!

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Listen up poet, I know this is true.
Someone better wake up.