Taste Like Mine

emotions on paper

This night kills the light that once thrived inside of me.

As I lay here her laugh begins to haunt me.

Her cry can be heard and I can begin to taste her tears,

they taste like mine.

Late at night, empty, void, and paralyzed am I.

As my thoughts contrive this beautiful wonderland of what we were and what we should have been.

Yet leaving me only to dream.

Leaving a faint whisper, a soft breath, a warm touch.


Late at night, empty, void, and paralyzed am i.

As i taste her tears,

that taste like mine.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

you seem a good poet and writer....you wrote a good poem with new theme and the way you did is intereting..hope you go through my poems and comment to know...

shawon1982's picture

the last two lines brings the emotional aspect to me. wonderful poem. best of luck.

Dr. Zayed Bin Zakir Shawon