20 Minutes Is All It Took

emotions on paper

twenty minutes is all it took,

seeing you there,

did something to me that i can't explain,

the touch of your hand,

the sound of your voice,

that look in your eyes,

caught me by complete surprise,

i was so hypnotised,

that even when i closed my eyes,

i couldn't help but see you,

and feel you,

not physically but spiritually,

i also see you fighting me,

i see you fighting the feelings which are still there,

but when i hear you say i miss you,

there is an incredible feeling that is felt,

it's as if you're carrying my heart in your pocket,

keeping it safe,

instead of keeping it on the shelf,

i just hope that you will be able to catch me when i fall,

just as i'm trying to catch you.............(ccm)

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Laura Campos's picture

awww this is really nice , keep it up :)