An Arms Length Away

emotions on paper

an arms lenghth away,

just one hour out the day,

a slow  dance,

maybe a last chance,

another glance,

just one more hug,

one more showing of love,

skin as soft as silk,

your lips pink,

you're like an  never ending dream,

a slow exhalation of air,

a burden that i would love to bear,

your body i yearn to taste,

my tounge touching your skin,

sending me to another place,

time i wish would just erase,

this space which is in-between us,

keeping me in the box,

this box of memories,



dark and twisted revelations,

making love with my mind,

cause that's where you continue to stay,

but this day continues to reply,

each painful memory which comes back to me,

even though you're an arms length away,

all i wish is for  just one hour out of your day...(ccm)

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Hope Denied's picture

Very beautiful poem.
I was touched by your write.