Do You Know

emotions on paper

because we moved too fast,

it all came to an end,

and i stood there with a stupid grin,

holding all my emotion in,

looking at an empty soul,

a soul lost with no where to go,

but going to all the wrong places,

being emotionally raped by many different faces,

looking for a safe place to rest,

yet at night,

crying and tightly clutching your breast,

yearning to feel that touch again,

the touch of love,

what is it that you're looking for,

maybe a quick fix,

or for someone to tell you that they love you,

well i've been there,

and i've done that,

and what i've learned is,

that there is no true love,

just infatuation,

the only catch is,

infatuation can turn into love,

yet will you be ready when it does,

and will you be able to tell the difference,

between lust and love,

or will you be emotionally raped by many different faces............

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Chelsea N.'s picture

Great poem. You definately did an awesome awesome job. I love it!!