His Best Work

emotions on paper

as i look at the velvet sky above,

i being to see god's work,

his craftmanship,

his power and glory,

the beautiful colors,

the setting suns glorious glow,

yet in my heart i know,

that it doesn't compare to the beauty which you posses,

or to the glow in your eyes,

or the beauty of the wind as it blows through your hair,

nothing compares to the beauty,

unto which god himself has bestowed on you,

your beauty is more than just outward appearance,

you're beautiful inside and out,

from your laugh,

to your cry,

to that big and caring heart which lives inside,

you're just so beautiful,

a great work done by god's hands,

a great work which continues to be his best of all....(ccm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

God's work can be seen in everything that is all around us,and to me she is one of His most beautiful and precious creations ever created, both inside and out :)

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Scott Smogoleski's picture

That must be some woman, my friend.