A Hypocritic Wish

emotions on paper

never thought you'd leave me alone,

you used to say that i would hurt you,

that's funny now,

when you actually think of it,

i did all i could to protect your feelings,

leaving mine wide open,

how stupid could i be,

i can't believe that you were the one to hurt me,

turning on me totally out of the blue,

i guess i did it to myself,

i mean i  trusted you,

i opened up,

i actually opened up to you,

and know look at you,

just a memory of mine,

stored away,

trying to be forgotten,



but how do you replace something irreplacable,

you can't,

and plus you wouldn't want to,

well.....i don't want to,

but i guess i have to,

cause i myself have been replaced,

by a knock-off counterfeit,

who won't dedicate himself to you,

who probably just wants to hit,

and once he does split,

cause he got what he wanted out of it,

i'm not trying to be a dick,

but i just  don't want this to happen to you,

cause you're too precious of a person,

and you're too close to my heart,

what am i saying......you are my heart,

and you know it,

i just wish that i could show it,

i just wish......had you back...........

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