Living someplace in North America there was once a tribe.  The tribe lived in harmony, without any laws or any chief that would take control over the people. The land was made for cultivation and because of this in difference with the other tribes in the region they didn’t have to move.  The laws of the land were nonexistent, everyone did what they pleased for the land would always take care of them. There lived a happy couple, their names were Tonenili and Yebaad. Tonenili and Yebaad were a bizarre thing in this tribe. No laws were made against being polygamist and everyone took advantage of this absence. Tonenili and his wife Yebaad could not care more about the other people. They lived together and dined together and produce the harvest together.


It was one day that Tonenili had seen a beautiful woman that had recently arrived to the tribe. He had never thought of another partner since he was with Yebaad, but the beauty of this woman struck him faster than any and soon he was seen with this woman.  Yebaad was heartbroken. She tried to get help, but no one understood her. She was the only person that could have ever felt like this, since her relationship with Tonenili was so close. She didn’t know what to do, she pondered and argued with herself of what to do.


Yebaad then saw Tonenili with the woman in person and flew into a horrible rage. This feeling was unknown by the people and no one understood what to do. Yebaad had attacked the woman and in her rage killed her. She saw the blood on her hands and felt instantaneous grief. She started crying. Everyone around her never knew how to react and left. Yebaad was all alone in a tribe where no one knew what she felt. She went next to a tree for three weeks and didn’t eat or sleep. She just stood there wallowing in her self-pity. She died alone next to the tree.


Everyone understood death and respected it in the tribe. But no one understood the grief and rage that had suddenly took over Yebaad. The confusion ended with the tribe leaving their birthplace for the first time, leaving the body of Yebaad next to the tree, waiting for the earth to claim it.

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