I’m empty, empty!

And it’s a dull pain, like a needle in my vein
It’s not like it was before — in too deep to reach the shore
I simply wade; I have no end in sight
Like a voyager without a compass
I forget my destination and resort to trying to survive
I’m driven not to desperation
Where I belong on my knees
I instead try to be my own anchor
But my resources are depleted

I face the realization that I’m weak.

And although I have moments of understanding
Where the truth is clear
I’m made of only human
At my core is doubt, hate, and fear

And this is the reason why I must believe
That there’s something greater than me
Because sometimes I can’t get myself up
Nothing else will fill my cup

But my old understanding of the way the world makes sense
Has left me unfulfilled and on the defense
My heart has been polluted by the world’s ideals
Of strength, of truth, and love
They replace it with ambition and zeal
And because I lack direction
I feel a certain disconnection
Not only from those around me
But also from divinity

So without resolution,
despite my absolution
I’m empty, empty.

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Wow! Excellent Poem!

Wow! Excellent Poem!