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I originally grew up in Oregon where I moved around a lot with my family in my younger years. Much of my childhood was spent tinkering with things trying to figure out how they work(ed if I broke it). My favorite toy: Legos. I attended a number of schools until I finally settled down and in St. Helens, Oregon where my interests included photography, music, writing, and computers.

After graduating high school in 2001, I moved to Colorado to continue my education. In college, I learned all about the wonderful ways to mess up a computer beginning with the installation of Windows. I also found myself interested in computer graphics and image editing as well as web development. Later, I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree (A license to geek) in Computer Information Systems from the Colorado State University in Pueblo.

Today I work for GOAL Academy as an I.T. Specialist where I get to play with all kinds of toys (technology) and interact with unique individuals.

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