Erotic Poetry


Mr. GoodBar knew that Mary Jane was a freak when he saw

Sugar Daddy in their bedroom playing with her Kit Kat.  He told her that she will never feel his Fire Balls again.  But she told him to Tootsie Roll his ass out the house because she didn’t want his Milk Duds anyway, with a sperm count of Zero.  

Mr. GoodBar told her that he didn’t need her Bit O Honey ass, always hanging on Fifth Avenue trying to Skor with every Zag Nut and Chunky ass Snicker.  So he went to Sugar Baby’s room so that she could play with his Almond Joy while he ran his Butter Finger through her Cotton Candy and stretched her Laffy Taffy, to get back at Mary Jane.  

When Mary Jane was done with Sugar Daddy she kissed his Long Boy and said now it’s Pay Day but Mr. GoodBar said M&M not yet as he joined in.  I need to feel your Mounds and explore your Milky Way while the Heath from my breath melts your Hershey as you cum Good and Plenty.  MMMM then we’ll be done…

Oh Henry and Baby Ruth came home with a Hot Tamale and a few of her Chicklets.  He was so excited to be Twix them while contemplating on having them Now and Later while Baby Ruth was just happy eating and sharing Skittles as they taste each others Juicy Fruit

By: Ebony Blessings/MSP.vb

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

This is excellent and hilarious all at once. I love it. Your metaphor use with the candy names is supreme. I laughed my butt off reading it and am forwarding it to other friends. Keep writing, comedy might be your fortey in poetry...smiles...