You Bring Out The Best In Me

Intimate desires of you engulfing the flesh of my body and depth of my mind

Scrutinizing every inch of my uniformed beauty, in depth of each poor and sensual line

My mouth tingles, something else twinges as I long for the anticipated release from your lips

Mesmerizing me, enticing me, with your passionate, soft, caressing, gentle and tender, kiss

Massaging the natural curves of my breast as they sub-come and stand at attention

Your gentle yet stern fingertips, teases me and pleases me as I enter into another dimension

Sending chills through out my body, as your tongue strokes me from head to toe with wet sensual licks

Your tongue caressing me between my thighs, Yes baby, Yes! I am feeling this

Teasingly you torture me with pleasure, with untamed desires I welcome it all

Gently exploring my inner essence, my inner thighs, every detailed inch of me, my treasure, my inner walls

Take me to your heaven, let me explore your mind body and soul

Let me define the meaning of a real man, As I the woman release your desires and watch them unfold

Purposely nibbling as I submit to give and receive oral stimulation,

Prolonging the pleasure for hours on end, filling you with intense motivation

With my nails deep in your skin, I motivating your rhythm I motivating your stride

Altercating the structure of your long hard deeply penetrating manhood, as I accept and indulge in our joy ride

Riding across the heavens to a point of no return

Riding into ecstasy, another dimension to explore and learn

I sub-cum to all of the desire you spark in me

I sub-cum to the pleasure with a hint of teasing pain

I sub-cum to the existence of our worlds becoming as one

You bring out the freak in me, and the best of me,

My best friend, my lover, my man.

By: Ebony Blessings / ms

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