Ebony?s Rap

Walking down the streets with poise and style

Look at Ebony, she think she's fine (laughing)

Who Me! I think I'm fine, huh! Yes indeed, I'm Satin like Platinum

Blessed to be the best, I'm the queen of Ebony

I don't think I?m fine

I know I'm fine

I'm one of a kind, and can blow your mind.

With these soft and tender lips

and coke bottle hips, that'll make you dip

Bedroom eyes, to make your nature rise

To the point of ecstasy, beyond the skies

You could never tell me, I think I'm fine

Baby I'm the queen of Divas, you better stand in line

Not line one, but line two

I'm in a class of my own and I'm not through.

True to myself, and true to you

100% woman just keeping it real

when it comes to my views, my goals my desires, my way.

I come strong with it, I am bold with it, this is how I feel.

I am Ebony, I am woman, I am today

Strong in heart, powerful in mind

Blessed to be the best

No Drama No Stress

God is my anchor, my bread, He's my lifeline.

So when you say I think I?m fine

Come correct, now that you know the deal

I'm a proud Ebony woman who can hold her own

A friend to all, enemy to none, True to myself and keeping it real.

Written By: Ebony Blessings

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Dewey Davis's picture

You had me dancing in my chair, girl! I like the rhythm of this, but what I like more is your message of self-confidence. And you make me feel a little bit tempted, with your coke-bottle hips, bedroom eyes...I'm glad I came back to visit you; your rap woke me up today!