Spare Tire

Spare Tire

She can be number one

I don’t mid being number two

I’ll be your spare tire Baby

When your days are lonely & blue

Be it a bently, Excursion, Mercedes, or Jag

Every car needs a spare

I’m tire that will inspire the freak in you,

When she is not there

She can kiss your neck

While I kiss your toes

We can make it a threesome

If she just has to know

I am the flame to ignite any man

I’m the queen of estacy and desires

I am pleasure, with standing any weather

I am THE spare tire

When you’re stranded on side of the road

And you’re Girl leaves you high and dry

I am the spare tire that will get you there

I am the peaches, cream, plum, cherries and strawberry

I am the apple of your eye

When you need someone to kiss you

And all she does is dismiss you

I am infinity for your dreams

Although I am the spare

It is I, who is always there

Not #1 But the #1 queen.

So when you need to be licked

Trust me baby I am it

And when you need to be loved

I am all the above.

I am the queen of satisfying desires

It is up to you to see this through

Do you need a spare?


Written By:  Ebony Blessings

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