The Two Of Us

Hearing your voice, looking at your smile

Meeting you for the first time

Captured by your inner essence

Intrigued by your mind.

Laughing at your silly jokes

My heart is filled with wanting desire

To get to know you better

Hmmm, I wonder, what else can you inspire.

Deep in thought, looking across the room

As we connect with the meeting of our eyes

I knew I had found my soul mate

God’s gift in a cracker jack world of undercover liars.

Day 2, day 3, weeks and months went by

Love is there, enhanced beyond measures

We the groom and bride.

What was two, has now become one

God has bounded, committed and blessed this union

An endless circle of love, marriage, an infinity

To flow like the waters, bloom like the flowers, stand strong like the wind, and endure through  the storms at sea.

For God’s love, enhances our love, our marriage,  

It enhances our circle of life, the essence of you and me

Baby I Love You My King!!!

In This World Of temptation... I shall be water to quinch your thirst, food to nourish your needs, I am yours... I am your treasure chest, I am your everything.

Written By:  Ebony Blessings

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to a verys pecial man... My "Ebony King"...

In God's eyes we are already UNITED...

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