God Didn’t Say

Plenty, Plenty, Plenty,

That is all they want,

Praise to the Lord,

They need to give, but they don’t.

God did not say, “Eat,”

Get big, until you are over weight,

He said “ eat, be fruitful, and multiply,”

Take care of your home called earth.

God didn’t give you drugs!

He didn’t say here, take a smoke,

He gave you something better, “ the breath of life, “

Get high on that, that’s no joke.

God didn’t say get married,

To satisfy an urge,

Or break your secrete vows,

The sin will be on your head.

God didn’t say covet thy neighbor,

Be jealous and take what’s not yours,

Just be thankful for what is yours,

And God will open doors.

God didn’t say, here’s a gun,

Go out and shoot your fellow man,

He said to love, help, and teach them,

Lend a helping Hand.

Lying, begging and stealing,

That’s the song they sing,

When they need to be giving thanks,

To our Father, the King of kings.

And for the ones that goes to church,

Yes! You know who you are,

Stop faking it, it’s only what you make of it,

Praise God, we are all in one back yard.

God is perfect eternity,

We are all on borrowed time,

Heavens gate is always open,

You just have to make up your mind.

If you can’t obey God words down here,

How can you be heaven bound,

Stand strong with Jesus, My brothers and sisters,

He will never let you down.

By:  Ebony Blessings, v/b

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