What is a marriage?  How perfect should it be?

What is a marriage?  Please! Help me to see?

A marriage is a union, a circle of two.

That expands through out time, which revolves around me and you.

A marriage is a family, with strong beliefs and respect.

A dedication to each other, to honor and protect.

A marriage is struggling together, trying to weather the storm.

Keeping each other safe, standing strong, arm in arm.

A marriage is a commitment, for which both have to agree.

To join together as one, through out eternity.

To have a strong marriage, you must start with a solid foundation.

T.L.C. is needed in every union Trust, Love, and Communication.

Jesus blesses the union, between a woman and a man.

For they shall begin the new circle of life, He holds them in his hands.

May peace be bestowed upon this marriage, as long as they shall live.

Your vows are your pledge; your rings are your seal.


You should really look into your life, and try to determine what are your true values, goals and self worth, because when embarking upon a life in marriage, a unity as one. You have to think about what you are bringing into it, not just what you expect from it because a union is equal.

Jesus said to seek and you shall find. Please! Hear his words?  Seek to achieve, not to deceive let’s get it right the first time.

By: Ebony Blessings, v/b


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