We’re all an articulate culture of Ebony Blessings

As I see fit to define,

A variety of Ebony Flavors

Caramel is mine

Branching out from the roots of our African Heritage

Leaving trails of Wisdom through out time

Array of exotic, tropical, ebony choices are we

Dark, Black, Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Caramel Devine

Comforting, Coatingly, Caressing the skin

Unleashing the desires of our Ebony Blessings

From the depth of our inner soul-outward

To the sensual reality of life we began.

As we began to indulge in the desire for knowledge

Of the true person that lies within each of you

The essence of our being, our mark upon this world

Through our future leaders, our children, we shall all start a new

MMMM look at the beauty of our chocolate skin

How, it surrounds the structure

Of our Brown, Bronzed, Beautiful Ebony bodies

And enhances our essence within

MMMM look at our ebony lips

So sensual and divine

So teasingly tempting

Even they want a taste of our kind

MMMM look at our ebony eyes as they speak

Without us uttering a single word

Look deep into our passion and hear us well

Steadfast, we can still be heard

MMMM look at our soft but stern hands

So peaceful and strong

Our endurance is forever persistent

We shall strive to go on and on and on

MMMM can you feel the strength in our walk?

The serine power as we move with stride

The release of freedom from our persevering hearts

And the depth of our never-ending pride

Prick us with a needle

Like you, our blood flows red

We as Ebony are an abundance of many

Through God our road has been paved.

Written By: Ebony Blessings

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