Notice Me By My Ways

Can you hear me?

Through closed ears

Turned head

While in a daze

Baby are you listening?

I want you to notice me!

Notice me by my ways!!

Can you feel me

Go ahead touch me, I can feel

Can you see me? Hello!!!

I said can you see me!!

Baby I am real!

Have you listened,

To anything that I have said

I am a strong, vibrant

Positive woman

Notice me by my ways

My eyes have sight

And can damn well see

The shell you have become

From the man you use to be!

Can’t you see?

Haven’t you noticed!!!

Through the Years, Months and Days

This change has been coming

Baby Notice me by my ways!!!

I use to be dependent on you

Restful, with no drive or zest for life

Evolving around and focusing on you

Blending into your life.

But no more put downs or let downs

No more!, No more I say!!!

I am woman I am change!

Notice me by my ways!!!

Independent yes!!!

Freedom at it’s best

My goals are high

Yes I shall strive

My ways are embedded and set!

I am a bold woman

Stead fast determined

My heart and soul is strong

Never letting go

Always holding on

I’ll fight for what’s right

I’ll fight for what’s mine

Come hell or high water

I’m crossing that finish line

As I have stated

As I have said

I am all woman

Notice me by my ways

I don’t need a man accusing me

Of doing what I don’t,

Want him to do

I’m quite sure I could,

Bu I choose not to

I am a real woman

There for I won’t

Depression consumes your day

Worrying about me all the time

I have always been there for you

Now I need to accomplish what is mine!!

I’m asking you to be considerate

Respect and be proud of me

What ever happens, will happen

And what will be, will be

Haven’t you noticed?

I am glowing and showing

This moment in time is mine

Haven’t you noticed I am offering you

You the essence of my mind!!!

Invisible wings on my back

I know you cannot see

But they are there, I feel them well

For they are a part of me

God gave me life

I will seize the moment of capturing every vital breath

Enjoying the beauty of each passing day

In everything I say

And everything I do

You will notice me by my ways

I, say notice me!

All of me

Notice me by my ways!

By: Ebony Blessings, v/b

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When reading this poem, it is said with emotion!...

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